Frozen World

Won’t you open for me the door to your ice world, to your white desert?
I just want to stare out, over these snowfields, until we are one again. (Emilie Simon)

Εδώ έξω στην περίμετρο δεν υπάρχουν αστέρια. Μόνο εμείς.


2 thoughts on “Frozen World

  1. Memories frozen and gone,
    like sands in broken time,
    ‘gainst the blackest of dawn,
    yet cold with no love sublime.
    To be alone in ice of despair,
    with hearts cold and frozen.
    There’s nothing left to bear,
    for all who are chosen.

    Like frost in the wind,
    chilling a lonely being,
    leaving nothing to mend,
    like a ghost without seeing.
    Dreams now cold like ice,
    falling to pieces,
    not once but twice,
    as the days decreases.

    What else is there to know,
    with everything oh so cool?
    Like being ghost in the snow,
    and you being the fool.
    All’s now cold like a winter’s night,
    like little breezes dusk and shiver,
    and with unpleasant delight,
    with fear all is quiver.

    Staring now out a hoar frost window,
    alone, cold and wilted,
    with your sufferings and woe,
    waiting to strike you dead.
    All’s now cold hearted,
    like frozen in ice,
    as all’s departed,
    and you’re the sacrifice.

    Adam M. Snow

    Taken from
    a nice white day pretty good soon, skiing I like.


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